5 natural ways to hydrate skin

hydrate skin naturally

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Who wouldn’t want to have clean and shiny skin? The cold and bad weather of the winter has put our skin to a severe test , leaving it damaged an dehydrated. So now that summer came , we would rather hide our body and avoid public beaches! However there are ways around this problem..

Five natural ways to hydrate your body:

No1. Drink water! We all know that the human body is composed largely of water and that to be healthy you have to drink a lot. But not all do, yet it is the most natural and effective way there is to have beautiful  and shiny skin. By saying that you have to drink a lot it’s recommended for men to drink approximately 3 liters and women around 2.2 liters . The best advice is to carry with you a bottle of water during the day, so that it will remind you to drink and help you keep track of how much you have drunk.


No2. Apply moisturizers. Even for very dry skin, start with the basics. Moisturizers work by sealing your skin so that the water cannot evaporate easily. Moisturisers that are made of oil remain on the skin for longer period and are most effective when applied to the skin after bathing. Slightly dry your skin after bathing and apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp. This will keep the water on the surface of the skin for a longer period of time.

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No3. Bathe in body temperature or  warm water instead of hot , for no more than 15 minutes. Long, hot baths and showers are found to remove the oils from your skin. Also, use mild cleansers and creams instead of soap. Ingredients in soap are often drying and may contain harsh chemicals. If you use a soap, select delicate soaps made from oils or fats.


No4. Use a humidifier. The air inside a house can be dry and remove moisture from the skin. A humidifier is a device that adds back moisture in the air. Extra moisture should help relieve dry skin and itching.


fruits-vegetablesNo4. Eating healthy is very important to maintain a shiny skin. A combination of healthy foods such as vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit and cereals is the best medicine for the look of your skin as well as your overall health. Increase the amount of raw vegetables you eat to get  plenty of vitamins and try to include in your diet foods like  eggs, onions, asparagus and garlic . The sulphur that these foods contain increases the smoothness of the skin. Also you should limit caffeine and alcohol which are working against the hydration of your skin. And lastly have to quit or cut down smoking as it is a bad habit and it has a bad effect on the look of your skin.

How much water to drink daily?

We often hear that it would take at least 8 glasses of water per day, some say too much water does harm while others argue the opposite. How can you tell if you’re hydrating your body in the correct way?

How much water you should drink every day?woman thirsty

It is difficult to determine exactly how much water to drink daily because the needs are different depending on different factors. There is no universal amount, suitable for every person but you can follow some basic guidelines with the advice of the doctors, assuming a temperate climate.

Men should drink 13 glasses a day, equal to about 3 liters of liquids
Women should drink 9 glasses a day, equal to about 2.2 liters of liquids

These sentences  are just recommendations and are not carved in stone. A hard work out under the burning sun in a dry climate, increases the amount of water needed significantly. Also some drugs may require excessive fluid intake. The best way to hydrate the body with just the right amount is to start with the quantities, increasing each time you feel thirsty.

How can I be sure that I am drinking enough water?

You can be sure yworking out ou are drinking enough water when you don’t have dehydration symptoms like dark urine, feeling dizzy when you work out, and you get cramps often. Also a dry mouth is a common dehydration symptom.

Many people do not drink enough water because they don’t like the taste. But the truth is water is tasteless so usually it is a problem of tap and not of the same liquid. That’s why it is essential to make sure we provide our bodies with clean water. Soft drinks or fruit juices are valid substitutes, as long as you don’t overdo it since they contain sugar and carbon dioxide.

Your fluid intake can also occur with foods that contain water, such as fruit and vegetables, which can contribute to the daily requirement by adding natural sugars and vitamins. But whenever it’s possible, it is always better to bring a bottle of water to ensure a better and more rapid hydration.

Motivation to Drink Water

When you don’t feel motivated to stick up with your daily water intake plan, think of the drinking water benefits:

Water helps digestion, improves the appearance of skin, makes you feel full without overeating and keeps the kidneys function properly in allowing you to eliminate toxins and helps to regulate bowel movements. If you do not achieve the correct body hydration, you lose all these benefits and along with experiencing fatigue and tiredness.

Dehydration makes you feel tired while a fair amount of liquids will help the heart to pump blood effectively. Water also helps carry oxygen and other essential elements to the cells of the body. Moisturize your body allows you to stimulate the muscles and prevent cramps. For those who submit to physical exercises, it is recommended that you drink at least two glasses of water two hours before training.

A body well hydrated helps to be more awake and alert during the day, besides reducing fatigue.

You can also drink less than necessary, but this won’t help you feel good. Although take liquids may seem difficult at first, the practice will help to form the good habit of rehydrating your body for better overall health. Water is a precious commodity that we just can do without!!

Drink Water to Avoid Hangover

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While drinking can be fun and enjoyable, the side effects that can ruin the experience. And of course I’ m talking about the hangover symptoms the day after a night out that makes you swear you ll never drink again.

However there is a thing you can do to calm down the terrible headache and the nausea alcohol causes. Do you ever drink water to avoid hangover? Keep reading to discover why water is your best ally when you are fighting against hangover.

Dehydration, The Root to Headaches

If you are a drinker that is an important equation you have to remember:

Alcohol => dehydration => headache.

It might seem  kind of abstract but there is actually a lot truth to it. When you are drinking, alcohol causes the toxin levels  to rise so your body has to find a way to maintain the ordinary levels. This is done using your body’s liquids in order to flush the toxins out so that leaves you completely dehydrated and vulnerable to the  symptoms of hangover.

Actually every cell of your body requires water for its functions so being dehydrated is not good at all. And guess what a dehydrated brain will result to? Yeap, a headache! The tissues surrounding your brain contain water so when they lose it, they shrink and apply
pressure on the brain. In some occasions where severe dehydration happens, this pressure can give you the feeling that you are being hammered in the head!

Keep your Ally Close to You

As mentioned before, a glass of water is your best ally when you are having drinks. Simply drink a glass of water with every drink you are having and you will be in the right direction.drinks

This simple strategy alone will make you feel like a genius in the morning!

Not only it will recover the loss of fluids alcohol causes but it will also dilute the drink in a way making it easier for your stomach to process it. Speaking of dilution having your drink served with ice is going to be helpful too. Another thing you should do in order to calm hangover symptoms is to drink two or more glasses of water before going to bed. That’s because your body continues to metabolize alcohol while you are sleeping so you must compensate for the loss of fluids during the night. Also keep a glass of water near your bed in case you wake up thirsty in the night.. You will probably feel tired and bored to walk to the kitchen!

Drink in moderation

Congratulations! Now you know the most basic steps to avoid hangover most people are unaware of. However one thing you probably already know is that alcohol is not good for your health so please drink in moderation and whenever you feel like you’ve had enough,
call it a day (or night!). And don’t forget to practice these simple methods to avoid waking up with a cotton mouth and feeling like a plant that hasn’t been watered for months!

Discover the Benefits Drinking Hot Water Has to Offer

hot watr1

I know most of you have never heard this before but drinking hot water is a process that should not go unnoticed. When I mention to people that hot water is beneficial for their health, most of the times their first reaction is “Come on, that’s nonsense!


But the reality is that drinking hot or warm water can improve your health in different ways.

Hot water vs cold water.

Why is hot water different than regular or cold water?

If you are doing the dishes in your house, you might have noticed that dishes are cleaned easier when you use hot water instead of cold.

Now imagine that you have to clean your body. What kind of water would you choose? Hot or cold? I bet that if you are doing the dishes regularly like me, you would have an easy choice to make..

Why hot water cleanses your body?

As you might have guessed, when it comes to cleansing abilities hot water comes first. Hot water has the ability to help your body clean itself. Let’s see how..

Basically hot water will comfort everything in your gastrointestinal tract. In other words the organs that you use to digest food.boiling water

First of all it relieves your throat. Do you suffer from cough or have throat pain? Drinking hot water will help to soothe the pain and ease the coughing. It also reduces chest congestion. Adding a spoon of honey is also recommended for better results. Also warm salt water can work wonders if you’re having a sore throat. Just warm a glass of water, mix it with one or two spoons of salt and gargle it. It might be a little unpleasant at first but your throat will be relieved afterwards.

Supports digestion. Hot water is very important for the stomach and the whole digestive system. It increases your metabolism, while it keeps the food in your stomach in a semi liquid state, therefore easier to be digested. Some other great things about hot water is that it dilutes fat, it gets rid of excess stomach acids and neutralizes toxins in your body.

Promotes healthy skin. Who wouldn’t like to have a healthy glowing skin? Dehydration is the root cause for many problems including the look of your skin. Drinking warm water helps your body get rid of toxins which could manifest themselves as acne. Skin is the biggest organ in your body consisting of skin cells. Skin cells as all cells require water in order to function so a nicely hydrated cell will be more healthy and able to repair itself resulting in a more radiant and glowing skin. Also warm water makes your hair look healthy too as it enhances the normal function of the root of your hair.

Warm water is closer to your body temperature than cold so it’s easier to be absorbed by your organs. It can relieve you from muscle pain or cramps and can help you with arthritis as it acts as a lubricant in your joints. In the above article I described only a fraction of the benefits of hot water. Just like anything in life you have to try it and see if it works for you. I actually had never drank hot water until a day I had a flu and it really soothed my system so I became a fan of it. Now I drink it instead of coffee in the morning and throughout the day. Anyway, go ahead and try it if you want and let me know what you think..