Drinking Water Benefits – Why water makes you healthy?

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Most of us have heard many times that “we should drink a lot of water“. But not many really understand why. And most likely ,since someone doesn’t understand why he should do something ,he will  not do it. I used to be in that category. I heard that phrase a lot, but never actually understood the truth in that phrase until I lived it. So let’s try to understand all the drinking water benefits.

Dehydration Symptoms for Adults

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As you know approximately 70% of our bodies is water. This percentage varies between different people but there is certainly a balance that has to be maintained in all of us. If  this balance breaks and we lose water, dehydration  symptoms arise giving a signal that you are thirsty. Apart from the thirst signal there are numerous different signs that the body uses to tell us that we should drink something or we will dry out. The intensity of these signs are analogous to the extent of dehydration. Let’s break down  the dehydration symptoms for adults into four categories.

Removing Chlorine from Water – Chlorine Water Filters

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Chlorine water filters are specifically manufactured to remove chlorine, which is a very toxic substance found in treated water. Although chlorine is used for the initial cleaning of water, it is not removed afterwards and it is found in tap water everywhere and poisons us in small doses.  A wise solution would be to use chlorine water filters to get rid of this nasty toxin from water. While some filters as the carbon block filter type talk about removing chlorine, its byproducts may still exist in the water. Chlorine fights bacteria but other harmful contaminants are produced. These can be removed by other filtration devices that can be combined with a chlorine filter for best results.

Ceramic Water Filters

Ceramic water filters are eco-friendly and a great choice in producing healthy and safe drinking water. They can be used for many types ao water purification systems such as counter top filters, under the sink or even portable water filters. Their efficiency lies in the really small pore sizes of the ceramic material. For best performance, they are most frequently combined with carbon activated filters to maximize water quality. They can also be used with silver to eradicate bacteria and microorganisms or with charcoal to extinguish chemicals and bad taste.

5 natural ways to hydrate skin


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Who wouldn’t want to have clean and shiny skin? The cold and bad weather of the winter has put our skin to a severe test , leaving it damaged an dehydrated. So now that summer came , we would rather hide our body and avoid public beaches! However there are ways around this problem..

How much water to drink daily?

We often hear that it would take at least 8 glasses of water per day, some say too much water does harm while others argue the opposite. How can you tell if you’re hydrating your body in the correct way?small healthy woman

How much water you should drink every day?

It is difficult to determine exactly how much water to drink daily because the needs are different depending on different factors. There is no universal amount, suitable for every person but you can follow some basic guidelines with the advice of the doctors, assuming a temperate climate.

Drink Water to Avoid Hangover


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While drinking can be fun and enjoyable, the side effects that can ruin the experience. And of course I’ m talking about the hangover symptoms the day after a night out that makes you swear you ll never drink again.

However there is a thing you can do to calm down the terrible headache and the nausea alcohol causes. Do you ever drink water to avoid hangover? Keep reading to discover why water is your best ally when you are fighting against hangover.

Discover the Benefits Drinking Hot Water Has to Offer

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I know most of you have never heard this before but drinking hot water is a process that should not go unnoticed. When I mention to people that hot water is beneficial for their health, most of the times their first reaction is “Come on, that’s nonsense!


But the reality is that drinking hot or warm water can improve your health in different ways.

Hot water vs cold water.

Why is hot water different than regular or cold water?

If you are doing the dishes in your house, you might have noticed that dishes are cleaned easier when you use hot water instead of cold.

Now imagine that you have to clean your body. What kind of water would you choose? Hot or cold? I bet that if you are doing the dishes regularly like me, you would have an easy choice to make..